Are you chocolates made fresh?

Absolutely! At our chocolatier, every delightful piece is meticulously crafted to perfection just for you. When you indulge in our chocolates, rest assured that each order is a bespoke experience, handcrafted with the finest and freshest ingredients. Elevate your taste buds with the exquisite sensation of our freshly made chocolates, prepared just for you when you place your order. Experience the joy of savoring the finest flavors, uniquely crafted to bring you moments of pure bliss.

Why Choose Sassy Kat?

Indulge in the exceptional world of Sassy Kat, where our love for chocolate is an art form. We are devoted to delivering unparalleled joy to you and your loved ones. Our chocolates, rooted in Belgian excellence, are meticulously curated to ensure an exquisite experience. Elevate your moments with the perfect treat, specially crafted by us for you and your cherished ones.

Does your chocolates undergo local craftsmanship?

Take a bite in the finest with our chocolates sourced from a prestigious Belgian manufacturer. Immerse yourself in the local touch as these delectable delights are carefully crafted and molded right here in the heart of Jacksonville, FL.

Do you deliver orders?

Certainly! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're thrilled to offer seamless delivery services to bring our exquisite treats right to your doorstep. For our valued customers in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area, enjoy the convenience of having your orders delivered with just a few clicks. At checkout, simply enter your zip code, and voila! The option for swift and reliable delivery will be at your fingertips, ensuring that your delectable delights reach you promptly. Elevate your experience with our hassle-free delivery service, adding an extra layer of delight to your indulgence.

Do you offer Catering?

Absolutely! Elevate your gatherings to a whole new level with our tantalizing catering options, meticulously crafted for every occasion. Whether you're hosting a lively party or an intimate gathering, let Sassy Kat Chocolates be the highlight of your celebration.

Imagine adorning your table with a stunning array of custom treats from Sassy Kat – it's not just about catering; it's about creating an unforgettable experience. Enquire about our chocolate platters and discover the magic of customized themed chocolates that add a touch of uniqueness to your event.

At Sassy Kat, we understand the importance of catering to various budgets and party sizes. We have a diverse range of options that cater to your specific needs, ensuring your celebration is as unique as you are.

Ready to kick-start your party planning? Give us a call, and let the festivities begin! Trust Sassy Kat Goods to bring a delightful touch to your gatherings, making every moment special and sweet.

Do you ship orders?

Absolutely! Delight in the convenience of our nationwide shipping services, extending the joy of our delectable treats to 48 states across the country (excludes AK and HI). Shipping with us is not just about delivering chocolates; it's an experience carefully curated to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition, ready to indulge your senses.

Our commitment to quality extends to the packaging process. Each piece of chocolate is cocooned in bubble wrap, not only for protection but also with a touch of eco-consciousness in mind. We encourage the reuse and recycling of our bubble wrap, adding an extra layer of sustainability to your sweet experience.

Rest assured, your chocolates are encased in a robust cardboard box, ensuring they withstand the bumps and jostles of transit. Unlike soft padded envelopes that may result in less-than-appealing chocolate pancakes, our sturdy packaging guarantees your order arrives as a pristine, irresistible delight. Elevate your chocolate experience with the assurance of flawless shipping and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

How do you ship chocolate in warm weather?

Considering the destination is crucial, especially regarding climate and temperatures. Shipping chocolate in northern states is generally straightforward, except during peak summer months when special packaging might be necessary to prevent melting. However, sending chocolate to warm-weather destinations like Florida and southern California requires extra precautions. We ensure chocolates are securely placed in an insulated box with a frozen cool pack, and we prioritize expedited delivery (two or three days at most) to prevent the cool pack from thawing in the intense heat of locations like the Arizona/New Mexico desert.

Extra precautions for shipping chocolates in warm weather unfortunately impact the pricing. We strive to minimize these costs while ensuring effective shipping. Many customers find the ability to ship and receive chocolate during summer and to any destination, regardless of temperatures, to be invaluable. Recognizing chocolate as an essential delight, we are committed to keeping prices reasonable and delivering chocolate wherever it needs to go.