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Sassy Kat Thank You Basket

Sassy Kat Thank You Basket

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Express Your Gratitude with the Sassy Kat Thank You Basket

Show your appreciation with the delightful Sassy Kat Thank You Basket, a thoughtful and delicious way to say "thank you."

This charming basket includes:
- **2 packs of decadent chocolate-covered popcorn**
- **6 luscious chocolate-covered Oreos**
- **A generous package of chocolate-covered pretzels**
- **A small, sweet container of honey**
- **2 homemade, gourmet cookies**

Every treat in this basket is not only irresistibly delicious but also gluten-free, making it a perfect gift for anyone to enjoy. Say thank you in the sweetest way possible with the Sassy Kat Thank You Basket!

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